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Brag House History

The Brag House released our first beta months ago to a overwhelming success. Players from all over the nation joined in our beta and provided excellent feedback.

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The Brag House
Beta Test Is Over!

They say that a picture tells 1,000 words. In that case our platform must tell a couple hundred thousand because the success and feedback of our beta test had an overwhelming response. Every live event we did, for every sport, we met people who told us "We have been waiting for an app like this" and things like "I always wanted to use (those other guys' apps and sites) but I don't want to lose actual money.

We also got a ton of feedback! Thanks to all of our braggers out there, we went back to the basics and got our coding team working on implementing a lot of your amazing ideas.

The biggest and most common request was to include esports, one of the fastest-growing sports in America with viewership growing every day. We, at Brag House, did just that! We create and host our own unique esports tournaments for the casual college gamers! Check out our prior tournaments!.


TThe Brag House is a college sports and esports platform for the casual sports fans! Put your knowledge, skills, and love of your team when you brag with other users to see who is truly king of The House. Brag House users can make fun wagers with friends without risking a financial impact! The craziest part? We are still giving away prizes, cash, and merchandise, and the opportunity for once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sending our Bowl Game Top Bragger to the NCAA National Championship.

How does The Brag House work?

  • Bragging with Friends45%
  • Engage With Community35%
  • Daily sports news, highlights, and more...15%
  • Proving to your friend you finally are the king of sports5%

The Brag House is a non-gambling app and in no way, shape, or form, condones online gambling.